• JVC HA-FX40-B Mini Ecouteurs Filaire

    Nouveauté is the birth of accroissement and a giant leap has been made with the JVC High Clarity Sound Headphones. JVC have developed ground-breaking Carbon Nanotubes Diaphragms technology which comes into play for the first time moderniste these incredible headphones. The resulting exceptionally clean, crisp, full-range sound is legs to their efforts. This next level of audio prouesse is funneled directly to your soul thanks to the secure and comfortable fit provided by the combination of dual layer aluminum-plated earphone housings, a soft rubber stabilizer designed to fit the bordure of your ear and three sizes of silicone earbuds. Simply exceptional.
    Description du produit: JVC HA-FX40-B
    Couplage auriculaire: Intraaural
    Style par armet portable: bigophone
    Puissance d’accueil maximale: 200 mW
    Connectivité: Compte tenu de câble
    Longueur par câble: 1.2 m
    Contacts du jack par placage: Jaunet
    Poids: 3.2 g
    Casque: 3.5 mm