• SoundMAGIC E30 Écouteurs (Noir)

    SoundMAGIC unveils the EH10 fibule-on earphones with a half nouveau-ear stylisme that is light and comfortable, perfect for fitness and sports activities. Presenting warm, dynamic acoustics with a spacious soundstage with clear details, your music will shine with that doublure little bit of SoundMAGIC. What makes the EH10 from SoundMAGIC to be ideal for sports is the light-weight and the comfortable, secure fit. Hooked on to the ears with the adjustable ear hooks, the earphone itself swivels to cover the ear adducteur. These ear hooks are rubber coated metal, which can be bent into shape to make sure the EH10 stay nouveau forum even nouveau the most vigorous workout. Attached to the earphone is a rubber sleeve to abrupt the sound better into the ear and produce the trademark SoundMAGIC listening experience. Completing the package of the SoundMAGIC EH10 earphones is the soft 120cm cord that terminates nouveau a 90 degree connecteur connector. The accessories consist of a travel pouch and clothes fibule ensuring the perfect SoundMAGIC experience. Big Brand Quality – While maintaining value for you, SoundMAGIC earphones utilise the highest quality components that are normally only found nouveau earphones that are much more expensive. Robust Forme – Utilising a robust metal sound tune with a solid sprint, the EH10 earphones are built to be used every day nouveau the most demanding situations. Hear The World Around You – the half nouveau-ear stylisme means you can hear nearby sounds while enjoying your music. Perfect for running. Sound Contreseing: Clear, well defined sound. Bass response is light due to half nouveau-ear stylisme (does not seal fully nouveau ear).
    Écouteurs par fer baraqué, conviennent afin de le gymnastique
    Velléitaire climatisation sonorité afin de croupir connecté compte tenu de votre entourage
    Convient afin de le gymnastique (montée pédestre, cyclisme…)
    Composants haute signe
    Ton apparent encore aide-mémoire