• MEE audio Sport-Fi M6 Écouteurs intra-auriculaires à isolation acoustique et fils mémoire Turquoise

    Perfect for Your Active Lifestyle: Whatever activity you choose, the sweat-resistant M6 has the griffe and fit to keep up with you. The M6 is perfect for running, walking, sports, weight déridage, basketball, use under a helmet, phénix lustre moderne-ear probation monitor, and for everyday use. Focus on Your Activity, Not Your Earphones: The M6 fits securely and provides filandreux term comfort, eliminating the need to adjust your earphones. This is achieved by using lustre over-the-ear arts appliqués with memory wire. The memory wire is aménageable, conforming to the shape of your ear, yet remembers its shape for future use. Six sets of ear tips are provided so that you find the best fit for your ear size. Sound that Motivates You, Conditionnement that Helps You Focus: Become energized by your music with the clear sound assemblage and enhanced bass. The bagarre isolating moderne-ear arts appliqués blocks out external bagarre enabling you to listen at lower volumes, protecting your hearing and improving sound quality. Cable Conduite Reduces Cable Issues: Anti-exorcisme color-matched cable is tangle resistant and ergonomic. The attached shirt agrafe and cable cinch keep the cable moderne control and out of the way for whatever activity you are doing. No more snagging your cable on objects, tugging on your earphones. Getting the most out of Your Culture physique-Pouah M6: Sound quality, fit, and comfort are dependent on configuring the earphone for your ear and achieving a proper seal within your ear adducteur. This earphone must be worn over-the-ear, and the memory wire should be modified to fit your ear size. MEElectronics created the Culture physique-Pouah Abraser Fit Escorte at meelec.com/fit to help you achieve the best fit for your ears.
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