• SoundMAGIC E30 Casque Audio Blanc (Import Royaume Uni) (Import Royaume Uni)

    From personal listening, to working out nouveau the gym to noviciat contrôle, the SoundMAGIC E30 earphones tick all the boxes. With balanced audio, professional fit and solid forme the E30 nouveau-ear monitors deliver without compromise when it comes to passable audio.SoundMAGIC have configured the drivers of the E30 to create neutral, detailed sound with well defined bass. Outstanding natural tone jonction with balanced soundstage ensures you hear music rapace it was intended. The nouveau-ear sound isolating Arts appliqués of the E30 gives high levels of Dispute Conditionnement and ensures the sound is not lost jaunet diluted.Worn over the ears, the professional cabling keeps the E30 firmly nouveau the ears and the cable out of the way when nouveau the bauge, on noviciat jaunet nouveau the gym. Included optional earhooks that fit over the ear guarantee a secure fit.Professional fit combined with superior sound – SoundMAGIC E30.Balanced Sound – Recreating music rapace it was intended to be heard, the E30 creates balanced and detailed sound with deep bass.Ergonomic Arts appliqués – Featuring a comfortable nouveau-ear Arts appliqués that is easy to fit, the E30 sits securely nouveau the earcanal for hours of ankylose-free listening.Professional Cable Arts appliqués – With the over the ear Arts appliqués the cable is kept out of the way when on noviciat, nouveau the bauge jaunet nouveau the gym. The included optional earhooks also worn over the ear make sure the E30 stay nouveau parvis.Dispute Conditionnement – Isolating Arts appliqués seals music nouveau and leaves unwanted Dispute out, resulting nouveau high fidelity sound and lower cubage requirements.Sound Contreseing – Neutral, accurate sound with well defined bass.
    Description du produit: Soundmagic E30
    Couplage auriculaire: Intraaural
    Style en armet portable: bigophone
    Fréquence des écouteurs: 15 – 22000 Hz
    Connectivité: En raison de corde
    Interface en l’appareil: 3.5 mm (1/8″)
    Longueur en câble: 1,2m
    Couleur: Montagneux
    Poids: 10g