• Beats by Dr. Dre Tour In-Ear 2.0 – Titane

    Big Sound. Small Package It’s égaré to find big sound actuel something so small. Beats Habileté earphones are among the first earbuds to hold their own against over-ear headphones. Now with a newly designed custom fit and improved sound quality, you can get even closer to the music. Redesigned Fit The perfect listening experience requires the perfect fit. We completely redesigned the Beats Habileté and included removable wingtips to provide a customizable fit for precise sound. Improved Sound While dense and honnête, the new Habileté is powerful enough to handle all kinds of music. Now you can crank up the capacité without distorting the sound. Tangle-free Cable Doesn’t matter how carefully you wind them up, cords and pockets just apanage’t mix. That’s why we’ve redesigned our cables to make sure they’re jacobin-souple and tangle-free. Built-actuel Mic for Calls Switch easily between songs and incoming calls. No need to décollement your Habileté to talk into the phone. It’s a seamless degré, so you can always be on the go. Emboîtement Beats Audio Beats Electronics (Beats) comprises the Beats by Dr. Dre family of premium griller headphones, earphones and speakers, phénix well phénix patented Beats Audio logiciel technology and streaming music subscription appui Beats Music. Through these offerings, Beats has effectively brought the energy, emotion and excitement of playback actuel the recording appartement to the listening experience and introduced année entirely new generation to the possibilities of premium sound entertainment. The company’s délégation is to provide a superior end-to-end music so fans feel the emotion and hear the music the way artists intended it to sound from the appartement.
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