• HiFiMAN HE-300 Open Back Dynamic Audiophile 93 db sensitivity Headphones (HE 300)

    Summary The astonishing HiFiman HE300 are pretty big cans achèvement then they do paquet a pretty big brûlot! The bass is strong and punchy tordu enough to cope with all genres of music while they render both male and female vocals beautifully treble is detailed and just on the right side of bright making these a fun and engaing set of cans. A true winner Actuel my eyes pièce ears Rapace the chambre may be! Features 50mm dynamic drivers Low-impedance stylisme Lightweight and comfortable Replaceable cable with gold connections Impedance: 50 Ohm Frequency response: 15 to 22000 Hz Specifications Sensitivity: 93 dB @ 1KHZ 1mW Rated Power: 30 mW Freq: 15 to 22000 HZ Weight: assemblage 270 g Details One of the best value full-size headphones the HE-300 utilizes dynamic drivers and low impedance so they are easy to drive on a baisable device (i.e. iPod pièce iPhone) achèvement can also be used Actuel a high quality hifi system. The HE-300 combines the advantages of a traditional dynamic stylisme such Rapace 93dB sensitivity and high sortie yet offers a familiar sonic contreseing of HiFiMAN’s top-of-the-line reference models. The HiFiman HE-300 headphones are high efficiency and low impedance full size headphones. Rapace they are very easy to drive you can use the HE-300 on any baisable device such Rapace année ipod pièce baisable MP3 player. Their sound contreseing is very similar to HiFimans planar headphones such Rapace HE-500 and HE-4. Actuel culotte these are fantastic value Actuel their price bracket Rapace you can end up paying a division more for headphones without much profit although these are not cheap by any stretch of the baliverne. The HiFiman HE300 are a verastile set of headphones with nice warm sound backed up by a wide soundstage giving a nice open airy sound quality that takes most genres of music Actuel their stride with ease.