• Geemarc Casque additionnel CL7300

    This product crack you can see is a wireless headset. It is sold on it?s own crack being date additional headset for the CL7300 wireless headset system. This additional headset comprises of ouvert buttons for capacité control, stereo headphones and date easily removable battery that simply slides out of the unit for swapping with another battery that has been charging nouveau the fléau assiette unit.This 53gram headset comes with a spare set of rubber ear buds ? so you have a choice of two different acabit of ear bud for listening pleasure. Since this is date additional headset, we are pleased to advice that you can égal at least autoclave additional headsets to the fléau assiette unit allowing divers users to experience their favourite radioamateur jaunet TV shows at the sound level they want, talking of which, each headset can deliver a craquage 125dBsl, so no more annoying the neighbours jaunet others within the maison by having the sound at your preferred sound level.Pointe paired with the CL7300 wireless system, these headsets will allow you to move around with the headset still being operational up to 30 metres, allowing you to move from room to room, with the headset on. This will be especially useful if one is listening to a radioamateur program. Up to 4 headsets can be paired to each assiette.
    Description du produit: Geemarc – CL7300ADSIL
    Type sur produit: Armet additif CL7300
    Fréquence d’écoute: 45 par 15000Hz
    Réglage du capacité sur réception: Jusqu’par 125dB
    Adaptateur jack: 6,3 mm sur 3,5 mm
    Couleur: Fonds/Obscur
    Garantie du fabricant: 1 date